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            To create an exemplary and responsible leaders in the society by nurturing and encouraging young minds also developing their innate creativity and inquisitive nature in the pursuance of academic excellence while anchoring their hearts and souls in a moral frame work of a god-centered life.


        To provide a safe nurturing and stimulating Islamic learning environment that enable students to achieve their maximum education potential and prepare them for their future roles in society as responsible citizens.


                     Al-Bayyinah was started with the blessing of Almighty in the year 2012 by the plan of our Chairman and vice chairman with 3 mentors and 13 students with classes upto Senior kinder garten.Gradually it was increased by 14 mentors and 140 students with the classes upto  Grade-2. ALHAMDHULILLAH! Now We have 587 students  47 Teaching staff and 4 Admins 6 Domestic workers.

             The intention of Al-bayyinah is to give knowledge to students for both the worlds ( Duniya and Akhirah).And we are successfully inculcating it to our students, In recents years we are being popular among people by our innovative activities.

If you see the word innovative,you will surely see the word Al-Bayyinah next to it.




Building Responsible Citizens for a Better Tomorrow

The term “education” encompasses more than just knowledge and knowing. It is a harmonious blend of academia, arts, sports, emotions, attitudes, creativity, nature and life itself! And in the world we are building today, the one who is adaptable in all these areas is the one who succeeds.

AL Bayyinah with the said philosophy begin its borne voyage in the ocean of academics with only 14 students in the year 2012 but with the untiring attempts of our staff, constant support of parents and zealous performance of our students this small beginning became big and try touching towards the pinnacle of success.

I believe that success follows those who follow their heart, however the environment around us isn’t always suited for nurturing our passions, keeping individuals from realizing their true potential. The focus at AL Bayyinah is to offer 360º developments to students, giving them a nurturing environment with sufficient exposure. AL Bayyinah constantly being imbibed in academics, sports, extra-curricular and co-curricular, we ensure that the students imbibe these essential  qualities, which not only help students realize their passion but equip them to achieving it in an efficient and ethical manner.

My dream is the need to have our Bayyinah Graduates understand, remember and act upon the concept that the world needs not only well-educated and intelligent people, but also needs people who are courageous and compassionate. We need people who extend their hands to help others and stand up for the rights of all mankind. I truly want our mission statement to remain in your hearts and souls throughout your lives. The commitment to become “ Moral and Intellectual Leaders, People of Dignity, Integrity and Compassion Who Want to Make a Positive Difference in the World.”

                                                                                                    With Best Regards & Wishes

A.RafiAhamed B.E.





                                                Al Bayyinah Matriculation School is to provide children with an education system that can guarantee a success for them in the world and hereafter, and this is what Islam teach us.

                   Al Bayyinah has a long tradition of success and is now in a position to become a flagship school. The most important part of any school is the quality of relationships. Above all , Al Bayyinah is a happy school with a supportive and welcoming environment for all students. As a result young people grow in confidence and are able to participate in the wide range of opportunities around the world. We encourage our students to follow their interests, develop new skills and , most importantly, fully enjoy all aspects of school life.

                                      AL BAYYINAH is a learning community, we work together in a creative way to provide a dynamic learning experience for all. We want our students to reach their full potential by  following a learning programme that meets their individual needs. We  want our young people , how to learn, to be an articulate and to make a positive contribution so that they can take their places as active and thoughtful citizens of the 21st Century.

The task of choosing a school that is birthright for your child.

At Al BAYYINAH we quite simply want to provide the best education in the broadest sense for all our students.

                   We recognize the importance of working in partnership with parents and the wider community and hope that your interest in our prospectus is  the start of a happy and productive working relationship between home and school.

                   Parents and students can feel confident that AL BAYYINAH MATRICULATION SCHOOL can deliver a high quality education for all young people and their secondary experience will be challenging, successful and fun.

                   Our students will go on to play an active role in local, national and international life. Some will become our future leaders, empowered to go out into the world as respectful, caring and responsible citizens who understand and celebrate their role in the culturally diverse community of tomorrow.


                                                          With best wishes and regards

                                                          Mohamed Iqbal.



Dear AL Bayyinah Family Members,


Today’s education system only develops intellects and skills but give less importance in giving values or good qualities. Education should serve not only to develop one’s intelligence and skills, but also helps to shape ones character and make him useful to society and the world at large.

At AL BayyinahWe focus on the overall development of the child. The promotion of human values are integral part of our curriculum.

“Bend the twig and shape the tree”, says the proverb. The molding of character at AL Bayyinah starts with the children at the earliest age.

AL Bayyinah is dedicated to foster student’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic development in order to prepare them for life in a rapidly changing world.

At AL Bayyinah, We aim to challenging and supporting all the students to enable them to develop their talents and potentials and hone their skills thereby realizing their dreams. Each individual is respected and recognized. Moreover, AL Bayyinah is here to help students excel in education and provide them with best knowledge in religion, science, arts, and technology under an environment that is conducive to learning and developing Islamic personality and moral values, with enormous enthusiasm, unfailing confidence and high self-esteem and a readiness to meet new challenges. We recognize that learning comprises acquiring knowledge, assimilating ideas, perfecting skills, developing healthy attitudes and imbibing values

With Best Wishes & Regards

                                                        M.A.Jafir Sulaiman  B.E.,MBA



All praise belongs to Allah, the compassionate, the merciful. Blessing and peace be upon his last prophet Muhammad, his family members and all those who follow his foot steps till the end of this world.


                Islam is a comprehensive code of life revealed by the merciful creator for the guidance and betterment of the humanity here and the hereafter. No aspect of life has been bereft of prophet guidance


If your world looks gloomy

And you are feeling grin and glum,

Make a rainbow for yourself,

Don't wait for one to come,

Don't sit watching at the window

For the clouds to part

There'll soon be a rainbow if

You start one in your heart.


We are really proud and exuberant to acclaim that we are ready with all new hopes and hues to bring out the first issue of the souvenir, 'ANNULOGUE', which will surely unfold the unraveled world of the most unforgettable and precious moments of the school. The enthusiastic write ups of our young writers are indubitably sufficient to hold the interest and admiration of the readers. This souvenir is indeed a pious attempt to make our budding talents give shape to their creativity and learn the art of being aware because I believe that our success depends upon our power to perceive, the power to observe and the power to explore.


        School management has done a great job in conceptualizing and developing it in a phased manner. It is there for all to see. In addition there has been a continuous ongoing exercise on the quality of instruction, quality of service, quality of discipline, quality of infrastructure and quality of extra -curricular activities. This, as a result of single minded devotion by Mr. Rafi Ahamed who is the Founder and Chairman of the school, with the tacit assistance of his Board of Management members.(Br.Iqbal,Br.JafirSulaiman,Br.Akthar),Legal Advisor (Br.Salih Hussain)  and the Academic members( Principal,DeanAcademic,DeanIQAC,Dean COE) as a holistic development.


The school has embarked upon new programmes, brought in many innovations in all spheres of activities, devised new plans and strategies to strengthen its academic set up and sharpened the requisite tools for all round development of the children.


                Dear Students, you are fortunate to have been blessed with the opportunity of receiving education and spending your formative years in the beautiful campus of the ABMS where nature abounds in its full glory. Make the optimum use of the facilities available here for your growth and learning. Explore yourself from within, identifying your strengths and weaknesses to develop yourself physically, intellectually and spiritually, so that when you leave, you make yourself known as a good human being, a true gentleman with a spirit of love, share and care, daring and dashing and fully equipped with all the skills to face the challenges that would await you in the open world. Do not allow yourself to deviate from the path of truth and righteousness. Live, love and laugh. Life is about spreading happiness. Life is too short , let it be sweet, easy and natural. Live and let live. Make others happy. Have a feeling of compassion and concern for others and you will be happy yourself. We all stand committed to keep the wheels of progress moving. Let the almighty bless us all and guide us to succeed in our mission. Hope these random thoughts will be of use to the school community.


We are sure that the positive attitude, hard work, sustained efforts and innovative ideas exhibited by our young buddies will surely stir the mind of the readers and take them to the surreal world of unalloyed joy and pleasure. We have put in relentless efforts to bring excellence to this treasure trove. Helen Keller rightly says that the world is moved along not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker. This herculean task of editing this school magazine would not have been possible without the sincere support of the members of the Editorial Board who sorted out the articles from the flood of articles we had got from our enthusiastic and inquisitive young writers, edited them and finally made a fair draft of them. I am thankful to all my colleagues who dipped their oars into the turbulent water of the journal and have sailed it to the shore of publication

Highlights of our School structure are:


              It is a fine thing to have ability but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test. I am really congratulate our respected Principal ma'am for entrusting the young faculties with the responsibility and also being a part of the Editorial Board and encourage the Editorial Board members then and there.


                      I take this opportunity to thank all the dignitaries for sparing their valuable time to send their best wishes for the magazine in the form of 'Messages'. I heartily wish all the readers my best wishes and hope thissouvenir will enjoy your critical acclaim and prove itself to play a vital role in the all round development of the children.


With Regards and wishes

Fazeel Akram  M.Arch


Message from Principal:

Dear students, Schooling is our best contact with the the world, a period of joy, healthy competition, fearing, adjustment, sharing and love. Learning is not a process limited to schools only, nor does it end with the conclusion of one’s school career. It is indeed a lifelong process. This school is oriented to the total formation of a child and to adaptations of various methods suiting the dynamics of changing world in order to achieve common goals and objectives. It is further characterized by shared vision – responsibility and above all, love and faith in Allah in order to achieve these goals.

It is my message to you all that the people of fine characters live by their values. They are honest and are committed to truthfulness in thought ,word and deed. True character thus encompasses the capacity for self –discipline.

Character creates self respect, which in turn leads to high self – esteem. Maturity is reflected in all aspects of character – the decisions we make, the friends we choose and the responsibilities we accept. Be always ready to do help for others. Bring out the best in you.

Life is all about Chances and Opportunities. Never leave anything to Chance and never let an Opportunity get away.

                       Let us make  each  year a better year in the lives of each of us, through work,through service and by being a positive influence in each other’s lives. INSHAA ALLAH.